For the Best Priced Deal in Australia, you should Compare these TOP QUALITY Radial Tyres with the " FAKE " USA or MEXICAN Made Antique Tyres or Other American Brand Classic Tyres our Competitors are Offering. Remember the Brand Names they are trying to sell you, ARE NOT MADE  by the MANUFACTURER who's Brand appears on the Side of their Tyres. These are FAKE Branded Tyres to make you Believe  Manufacturers like BFG actually Make them, when in fact they are Not Made by them and are Actually Made in MEXICO as well as a Small Factory in the USA. They May Look OK but are they ?  And you may not Know , But , both Brands & Tooling is Owned by and Controled by Coker Tyres the Same People who supplied the troublesome Classic tyres that Plenty of Buyers all over the World reported major Manufacturing Problems in Previous years. Why do you think they are now pushing their other Brand Tyres instead of their original Classic tyres? Pretending to Buyers, they are buying GENUINE BRAND TYRES ( example. BFG ) without telling you who Actually Makes the Tyre, in our Opinion is Deception or False Advertising at least. Would you Buy a Fake Rolex Watch if you thought you were getting a Real Rolex ? Something to think about.

When you Consider that all DIAMOND BACK Supplied Tyres are Actually Made by the Manufacturer who's name is on the Side of the Tyre. you are assured of buying the very best Tyre on the Market to day, Tried and Tested and Made in the Worlds Most Modern Plants
And the Whitewalls are G'Teed to Stay White.
Fake Tyres will turn yellow or Brown due to Tyre Chemical Bleeding through the Cheap White Rubber used on the Sidewalls.
Nothing will stop this.

Do you know that the Only way a White Sidewall can be Placed on the Sidewall of a Tyre is to
" Vulcanise " it to the Black Rubber underneath it , there IS NO OTHER WAY KNOWN.. All tyres made are VULCANISED Rubber with Cords in Layers to Make Tyres. Fact not Fiction !!

We want you to have access to the Best Clasic Tyres Available at Prices you can afford.
So here is a Chace to buy the Best Tyres, and we will G'Tee you will buy them cheaper than any Fake Tyre Brand out there for sale. How can we do that ? Low Overheads, and
NO faulty tyres sold, are a couple of reasons. along with a Strong Aussie Dollar as of the 1 / 9 / 07.

JUST SHOW US ANY AUSSIE DEALERS ADVERTISED or WRITTEN PRICE for the Same Size NEW, RADIAL CLASSIC Tyre with Wide Whitewalls or REDLINES, and We G'tee to sell you the same size, ( Does not apply to  Sale Clearance Stock, must be current production ) for a lower Price.. Just show us their deal and we will G'tee you will pay a lower price every time, if we stock
the same size in our expanding range of Quality, Classic Diamond Back Tyres .