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LOADING CUSTOMERS CARS at our warehouse in Orange County, California. We offer a NO.. BS Service To Ship Vehicles for Private Buyers of Cars from California Direct into Newcastle NSW, at Realistic Prices , with No Surprises Like Hidden extras after we agree on the cost to ship your car for you.we are acting as the shipper for you utilising our Container services. all entries for Australian Customs etc are done in your name, not ours. We take the worry out of how you can get your new Pride & Joy Home. We do the Paper work for you, we load Pack, Ship, Unload this End and attend any Customs inspections or, Aust Q'Teen Inspection if required by these Government Services. Any Duty or GST Payable to Australian Customs Or secondary Inspections is payable by the Owner not Us. You will be Required to Provide us, along with your Vehicle, A receipt (copy is OK ) plus the original Title that you must obtain from the seller when you purchase the Vehicle ( Not A Copy..the Original is required for the USA Customs dept. to clear your vehicle Before they will allow Export of Same, This sometimes takes 5-7 days before they will allow it to be Loaded on Board a Ship heading this way , The Title will be returned to you after you take delivery here in Aust )

Be Aware...NO TITLE...NO SHIP...NO CLEARANCE by US CUSTOMS..Be Careful do not Buy a Vehicle of any Make or model if it does not have a Good US Title.
A Couple of Eastern US States Don't require Titles for Cars over 25 years or 30..However that States DMV will Provide the Seller a statement of Ownership that is Accepted by US Customs ( If Completed right ) to allow export of same. NEVER BUY a Car over there if it SHOWS a LIEN HOLDER Stamped or endorsed on the Lower Half of the front of the ORIGINAL TITLE..This Means someone Owes Money on it. If it Shows a Lien holder and it also shows a stamp & a date of the same Lien holder.
Along with Signature from same. then this is same as a Clear Title..Check with that State Dept of Motor Vehicles (DMV) if not sure. The Most Important thing is to CHECK THE ..Vin . Numbers on the Car they Must Match those on the Title, if they don't match or look wrong..walk away from the deal. Strangely enough the Titles are not always in the Name of the Person selling it. In this case you need to take a good look at the sellers Drivers Licence & write Down that info.

Even though the sellers name is not the same he could still own it and not transferred the Title into his name.. ( You might say Dodging state tax's on transfer fees etc hey ) Usually as a Rule in the USA the Person that has the Original title and a receipt from a previous Owner then they do own it and can sell it with the Title.
Don't get Scammed with Buying a car , and the seller says he is waiting for the Title from the DMV..ask for a Copy of his application to transfer title and what & where he applied for it... If he does not want to prove it  for you  to verify it...walk away. We would not have a problem buying ( Or Paying a deposit & waiting for the Title )
If the seller could show you a bunch of Previous registration Papers in their name for Past years and They Could Prove the resided or Owned the house they are Living in.
The only problem then is how long to wait till a new title is issued and how you arrange the Payment with the seller. in California a wait of 5-6 weeks is not Uncommon for issue or Transfer of a New title. During this time you will need to Store the Car and pay any fees for Storage. A Bill of Sale is no good in stead of a Title..OK.

DID YOU KNOW IT IS ILLEGAL TO LOAD ANY VEHICLE ON A SHIP BEFORE YOU OBTAIN A "IMPORT PERMIT" From THE AUSTRALIAN  D.O.T.R.S OFFICE IN CANBERRA. ???? THERE IS A FEE of $ 50 for Each Permit Application.   If your inquired about shipping a car home from other sources...DID THEY EXPLAIN THIS TO YOU ??  You should also be aware it can take up to 3 weeks after you Lodge the application before it is approved and mailed back to you ( we Can assist with filling out and Lodging same , but you must Sign the Application Provide a Photo copy of the title & Some form of Proof of Purchase ( Receipt.. Bill Of sale Etc ) If you have never imported a car before Customs will need Proof of identity also.  You Should be aware Penalties Apply if things go wrong...For Instance If your car arrives and you Don't have the Permit to Submit to the Shipping Line they are Obligated to NOT unload the Vehicle & Customs wont let it also..You could be forced to return it to the States Pay the freight back Plus a penalty & Possible loose your car..and folks that is the..TRUTH..NO BS.

By now you should be thinking , jumping on a Plane or buying a Car over the Internet or on ebay sounds easy...until you read this advice right !!

In fact it is not difficult to do, provided you follow the Basic procedures and rules. The Problem in the USA is Storage Charges, Having to Pay $25 per week for safe storage is not uncommon while waiting for a boat or Clearance to ship or for the Import Permit to arrive before you can legally ship is a Pain in the Butt. Problem is you have to Buy the car before you get the Title and make the application..If anyone tells you otherwise then he is not telling the Truth. Buying to day and shipping tomorrow is a Myth. free storage is offered by some Shipping Companies in Open unsecured yards, fine for a car that needs complete restoration..But ask yourself..Would you want your new restored or original Car sitting outside for several weeks in the weather, before it can be shipped out..  ( and you thought those guys in the states who advertise to Ship so Cheaply store your cars inside a warehouse & its secure are the way to go, or for that matter some here will tell you the same thing to get your business ) As a matter of fact most People advertising to ship your Vehicles only do it through 3 or 4 places themself..They Don't Load the Containers , but suggest they do in their adverts. Truth is the Poor Old Mexicans are used to Load almost every container ( Not Ours we do it and G,tee it will be Packed properly and arrive here in the same condition ( except for Container being damaged or falling Overboard etc) Once we Load them the Next people to unload is,,you guessed it ..Us ) Don't be fooled by the Value of the Aussie dollar
from day to Day Fluctuating and your holding off paying for your car...Customs Work out the Price when it was bought & Shipped ..whatever they use to Calculate is what they base what you have to pay on arrival

You must also realise the CHEAP deals are not DIRECT SAILINGS to this Country .. the Cheap deals are what they call TRANS SHIPMENTS.
In simple English this means the Ship sails to the Far east Someplace First. Korea, China, Hong Kong Taiwan..Wherever, Gets unloaded someplace sits on the Docks for Unspecified length of time, waiting for a spare space on another ship heading south to Australia. Shipping Companies and agents are Experts in stretching the Truth when quoting Shipping days until the Ship arrives in an Australian port of destination. In  they usually quote 35 - 45 Days Sailing to arrival time.. From 30 years of Shipping Parts, Motors, cars to Australia, I can tell you it is VERY RARE to expect delivery in that time. I would suggest 45 - 60 days after the Ship leaves the USA West Coast Port.  Now for direct sailings ( Incl a stop in NZ before Sydney) the average time to arrive up here in Newcastle is 25-26 Days after leaving the USA. That is Why we Charge what we do..Cars from $ 2,800 to $ 3,500 Freight ( Customs & Duty & GST is Extra )

There are No Secret
" We got the best deal for You " Deals Shipping Companies are not stupid they have to be competitive or go broke. Prices are increasing seems like every week these days due to the Rising Cost of Oil & Bunker Fuels. No one G'Tees Sailing or arrival times they are approx. only.
We see prices flashing around for a $1,000 to $ 1,500 per car all up... Hey we must have missed something all these years. we know of people who have arranged shipping their cars that way and then got hit with the real costs before they got the car here. If it sounds too cheap it more than likely is.. ask for a Detailed list of all Charges and a G'teed total before you say please ship my car . We Hope this info in simple English  has answered most Questions.

FREE.. TRADE.. AGREEMENT... NOW OPERATIONAL.... between.... AUSTRALIA... and. the... USA ?

HOW WILL THIS EFFECT BUYERS of American Classic Cars arriving in  Australia... After January 1...2005. ?
The simple answer is this... It will "NOT MAKE any DIFFERENCE  " to what you will pay, for American Made Cars or Trucks
   that are OVER 30 YEARS OLD.. As The Free Trade agreement Applies to DUTY RATES only.. NOT GST.... GST is Still Payable.
  If the Vehicle was Manufactured in the USA or Canada it still is Duty Free, has been for a long time..OK. ...But if the Vehicle is between 15  and 30 Years age ,   you will still need to pay Duty & GST if it was made in CANADA..... But not on a USA Made Car ?
HOWEVER... YOU CAN EXPECT TO PAY HIGHER PRICES FOR ALL THESE TYPE OF CARS in 2005 Due to the Fact  they are            getting ,scarcer, and increasing in Value and in Price every week. Have you seen how high people are bidding on ebay ?

   LUXURY  CAR TAX ??  What's That ? One of the Hidden Tax's you never thought about, but ,if the value
     of the Vehicle you import is over  $ 43,ooo Aussie Dollars when it arrives here you will have to pay a
Luxury Car Tax !!!  Between  the 43 Grand and the Total Amount you Paid for the Vehicle AS WELL AS GST !

    RUMOURS..???   The Dept. of Transport & Regional Services ( D.O.T.R.S ) Who issue the Import Permits.
Are looking at Restricting the IMPORTING of ANY VEHICLE into AUSTRALIA... Between 15  and 30 Years of age
   from Year of Manufacture, in the near future ( Possibly early in 2005 ) How can they do that ? easy, they
Make the Rules. It May still be possible to Import a Vehicle within those years.. Provided you have it Converted
to RHD by an Approved " RAWS " Certified Workshop.. That means you will be Charged through the Nose with
a fee you more than likely can not afford , and may require your car sitting in some workshop for months   Waiting on a Conversion that May cost you MORE THAN YOU PAID FOR THE CAR ? Think about that !!
       To Obtain Any Info about Importing Any Vehicle into Australia From Any Country You Need To Call
         The D.O.T.R.S Office in CANBERRA  on     1 - 800 - 815 - 272    and ask if you can Import it First.
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The latest & the Greatest... BRAND NEW  2005 MUSTANG COUPE and a NEW 2005 HUMMER...Heading for New Zealand. Loaded last week
15 Dec. 2004. Lucky Kiwis can Import these Vehicles, but very few will eventually reach Australia., due to the fact Australia Introduced
strict Import Restrictions 2 years ago , favouring the Major Motor Vehicle Manufacturers in this Country. No Freedom of Choice for Aussies.
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