However you should realise there are certain procedures that need to be followed
   And must be thought about before or after you locate your Dream Car in the
USA or CANADA, Buying it and then,  thinking how am I going to get it Home ?

After 35 Years of Shipping Auto Parts, Engines, Cars etc from the USA/ Canada
    I would like to offer you some free advice  & information. I hope this info
Provides you with the required info that anyone can understand & appreciate.

PATIENCE, Something you must have, or, you will be more than disappointed.
Finding your Dream Car, in the Condition & Price Range you can afford may be
The hardest or most frustrating thing you ever do. Paying for it sight unseen,
Is going to seem the easy thing to do, but is it? Trusting any seller is a big ask !
Will you get Ripped off by the Seller ? How can you be sure the Description on
Web Sites, Ebay, Internet, Magazines etc, are as good as you expect ? If it Looks
Good…. Is it Good ?  I consider myself as good or better, than any so called
Expert in the USA who gives opinions on Car Conditions.     Even I have been
Ripped off because I had to have "that Car " and relied on the Sellers (Dealers)
Description, trouble was it was too far to go take a look and I could not find any
one to Check it out, so I got Ripped off, another 20 grand Resto later I have the   
car I thought I had Purchased in the First Place. These days there are a lot of
Businesses in the USA you can Pay a fee to, who will Check out the Car you want
to Buy ( Provided the seller will agree to an inspection, before you pay them ).

In most locations. Fees range from around $160 - $450 USD.. Average $275 USD
They Provide around 50 Photos, 100 Point Checks on Condition, and will look
Hard at any particular thing you need checked out. They are impartial & almost
As good as looking at it your self.. Money well spent, before you pay for the car.
Would you rather loose the cost of Inspection reports, or, Thousands of Dollars?

They will also Check the Cars title and Advise if the Numbers Match the car
However there is no 100% G'Tee you are going to end up with a car in the same
Condition as that of Personally Looking at it yourself in the Flesh , so to speak.


(1)Before Buying Make Sure you can Legally Import your Car into Australia. Check the Rules on Importing in my Index. Cars over 30 years Old, usually have no Restrictions, can stay LHD however cars Manufactured Between 30 Years and the  1 / 1 / 1989 Require RHD Conversion, cars after that Date Require Australian Compliance Plates For Rego , and Must be Imported and Converted by a RAWS Approved Workshops. The Rules are very Strict so don't buy before you check.

(2) Car Must have a USA State Clear  Title  ..No Title you can not Ship !!!

(3)If you are satisfied the car is what you want, and have Purchased it, & now want to Arrange , Moving and Shipping it Home. This is what is needed to do that….
Note. USA Original Titles go to us in the USA

(4)Moving a car around the USA & Cost is mainly dependant on the fact that it is running and able to be driven , on and off Transport Car Transporters . Most DO NOT have Winch's. Cars that do not run can cost a fortune to move, if you can find someone who will move it.

(5)Cost of Internal transporting within the USA, is reasonable ( Depending on Location to Larger City's etc ) Open Deck Transport is Cheapest enclosed is EXPENSIVE.  It is not very often that Transport Companies actually pick up cars when they say they will, most will say problems pick up on your requested time ?  But do not hold your breath waiting I hear plenty of Stories about Delays. Search Google or Yahoo Search engines for "Auto Shippers "  within the USA. Zillions of them. Quotes can be had online. Just Make Sure they state they are Bonded and Insured. Also Make sure you can pay in Full with a Credit Card. No shipper including us will accept cars on arrival on C.O.D basis our Zip Code in California is  92867.. to  obtain a Quote on line you will need to Know the Town and State or Zip Code of the Sellers Location. Almost all Transport Companies Sub Contract pick ups out to Other trucking Companies due to Location of most of them. This is the Major Problem of not picking up on time.. You need to be Patient

(6)I have used a Transport company on the West Coast who has given me Good service, and some of our recent customers have used them & have been Happy with the service and of cause the Price charged to Pick up and deliver to our Warehouse Location in ORANGE California.

(7)Contact me, if you would like their Contact Info. I get no Kickbacks OK

(8)Always ask the seller if it is Ok for him to store the Car until the Transport Company can pick it up. If your lucky 7-10 days. Most important..Will Someone be Home to Hand the Car over to the Transport Company ? Ask if a Copy of the Title & Receipt can be Faxed to you or us

(9)Soon as you Buy your car , and if you need us to ship it Home , you must Apply for an IMPORT APPROVAL from Canberra. Before we can Load and Ship it. If you do Not Obtain the Permit ASAP we will Charge you Storage on your Car ( after a reasonable time), Until we see the Permit. Storage Outside away from our warehouse in the USA is Expensive.

(10)Import Permit Forms can be Downloaded from our Web Site see opening Page Index.. Make Sure you download the 3 Printed Pages. See Below for What other Documents you need to Provide D.O.T.R.S. to obtain a Permit.  There is a $ 50  fee to Apply. Credit card info is on the application form.
No need to fill in the Agent Section on the application. However here is the Major Problem… You have to Buy the car first, get a Copy of the Original title, and a Bill of sale, stating Name & Address of Seller, with your Name as the Buyer, A description of the Car, Vin Number and Amount Paid for same, Plus a Photo Copy of your drivers Licence, ( Verified by a JP's Signature..Justice of the Peace ) to apply for the Permit. You must sign the Application yourself. We can not do that for you. The Completed 3 Page Forms, Plus Title Copy and Copy of the Bill of sale (or Receipt ) & Licence copy Should be Posted to D.O.T.R.S or Faxed to Them.. Postal address or fax info is on the Back of the Form.

(11)WE MUST SEE YOUR "IMPORT PERMIT " Before we can Load and Allocate a Date there after  to Ship your car. Then 5 Working days is usually required for USA Customs to Check your Title etc before they will allow the Car to Be Loaded on a Boat. No one can Buy a car & ship it the Next day, Due to Clearances, Import Permit requirements etc

(12)Also make sure all the Paper work we require is available as soon as Possible, for us ,including a Copy of the Import Permit  for us to Clear Customs Clearance in your name before arrival in Australia.  We can also Ship cars to New Zealand from USA.

WHAT DO YOU NEED in the way of Paperwork and what will it cost in Total ?

I do not know what others charge or tell you, but I would like you to Know there are No hidden charges tacked on after we agree to ship your car back here to NEWCASTLE   NSW Australia. The only unknown exact cost is what Australian Customs inform us (Via our Customs Agent ) what you have to pay them to get release of your car after it arrives here. We lodge all your paperwork you have to provide us with on your behalf.  Customs MUST be Paid as soon as they Process your Customs Entry and advise us what you owe them . we will call you to go to your bank and Obtain a Bank Cheque for Customs Payment along with a Bank Cheque for the Freight Costs due to us. We ask for These Payments to be Sent " EXPRESS MAIL" to us within 48 Hours of our Notification to you.
Customs will not release anything unless they get paid first.

We require a Copy of the Title, Plus a Copy of the Bill of sale or Receipt, Photo Copy of your Drivers Licence, plus a copy of the Import Permit ( you keep Original Permit )& Phone number Plus ABN or ACN if you are buying it through your Business or Company Name for Customs Clearance

Expect the Entry to Customs on your Behalf, Processing Fees and Inspection and Q'teen Permits required & our Customs agents fees to Total about $250 - $300 Aussie. The only other cost will be GST payable on the Purchase Price of your car in US Dollars Converted to Aussie Dollars  on the Actual day the Boat Leaves the USA ( Not the Day you paid for it ) Please Note we are acting as your Shipping agent on your behalf, whatever Customs say you have to Pay them, has to be paid. There is no Duty on 30 year & older cars. But GST is Payable.

If a car arrives here in a Dirty Filthy Condition and has any Mud, Crass or Straw, Spiders Bugs etc . A cleaning charge may be added to your Cost.
It is to your advantage to ask the Seller if he could make sure the car is Clean inside.. maybe Vacuum it Out Inside and in the Trunk. And Prior to the Transport trucking picking it up, take the car to a CAR WASH & give it a Quick
Wash , outside, under the Hood around the Motor and Under the Fender Areas
For caked on Mud etc.. We do not need  any strange Bugs or seeds in Australia.

CAN I PUT ANYTHING INSIDE MY CAR when it is ready to ship home?

If your Seller has some Clean Items that Go with the Car, and are in the Trunk, that is OK. But if you Buy a Stack of New or Used Items and want to ship them in your car WE NEED INVOICES for same. Customs are not Stupid ok
Note.. we do not Ship any PERSONAL EFFECTS back home for Anyone, by this we mean Clothing Shoes, suitcases, etc that you could not carry home on the plane. Why ? Because Customs require you to be Present in person when we unload, in other words to arrange times etc to do this is a Pain in the Butt.
However we can ship any Car parts etc home, new or Used for you as part of our regular Shipping service at more than reasonable rates.

Insurance ?
All cars are Insured for  " TOTAL LOSS " Marine Insurance . This Means from the Time your car is Loaded and Shipped and unloaded in Newcastle NSW. You can claim the Total Amount Specified as Paid on your Bill of Sale, less any Excess if a claim is Made. Total loss means just that, ie. Ship Sinks, Container
Washed overboard etc. Does not cover any Damage to the Vehicle itself. Actual damage ( we have never damaged a Vehicle, Loading or Unloading yet.)
Insurance  is not possible, unless every  vehicle is Inspected and Individually Insured for Physical damage by a Insurance company.

Ship & Unload my Car in Newcastle NSW  ? No More to Pay Basis ?

$ 3250  For Ocean Freight ( Loading ,Shipping , Unloading ) Mustangs, Camaros
                                                Corvettes and other cars around these sizes. Bigger 
                                                 Cars like 55-57 Chev's   cost $3,500, Cadillacs  Call
                                                 For a Quote. Prices Include all Aussie & USA Port  
                                                  Charges, Including  USA Customs Clearance
$ 250 - $ 275 Average for Customs Entry Costs  etc.

$ 20. Cash  Refueling fee on Pick Up.. All Cars must be Now be drained of Petrol
                                            Before going in Containers, we need to Start & move
                                             On Arrival & Unloading
$ 50  That you Paid for The Import Permit ( In case you Forgot to Count this )

PLUS  GST on the Purchase Price of your Car after Customs Converts the Value
                                                           In USD to Aussie Dollars
There are No more Hidden charges.

Don't Forget all our cars Arrive on Direct sailing Container Vessel's from the USA. We do not use the Slower Unreliable Transhipment Boats that Go the long way to here via Asian Ports etc.
We usually receive shipments 26-28 days after the Boat leaves Long Beach in California.. You can Pick up your car or arrange Pick up as soon as Customs release it after Payment. It is possible to obtain a RTA Permit to drive it home

Feel free to Email  us with any other Concerns or Questions you may Have
(Click here )  or call me in Australia  on       0407 283 454