We Import , what we consider the Worlds best complete Marine Engine Packages... Complete Fully Marinised, including Mounts,
for mounting to the Hull Bearers.. Engines Complete with Marine Transmissions or set up to Hook up to " Jet Units " All new and
Test Run in at the Factory in the USA. No matter what you need, a Small Block Chev or A Big Block Chev or Even a Ford we can
Import what you need, for you. We already supply some local Boat builders with these Complete Packages. too many Variations
for us to keep in stock... Imported for you at Low Prices.. We have direct access to the Manufacturer, you can be assured we will
quote you the best price possible if your serious. The price will be a Landed Price with all Tax Paid. Does not include freight
from Newcastle to Your door any where in Australia. Buy ( 1 ) or buy ( 10 ) at a time ." PRICE" ? "  Way Under Aust $10,000. email
us , for an Individual Confidential Special " Indent Price Quote "  Hit on the " Mail " link on this page and send us a email Message
New Marine Engines.