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REBUILDABLE.. CHEV. 305 SB.( 5.o Ltr. Long Motors)
These are USA Trade Ins on New Motors. 1986 & UP
Year Models. With the One Piece.. Rear Crank seal
All Run on Unleaded Fuel. Same stroke as a 350 CI
But Smaller in Bore Size. Lots of Torque Avail with
Good fuel Economy. allmost all Parts to Rebuild are
the same as a 1986 up 350 (5.7 ltr) & Avail. Locally.
Suit Cars or Mercruiser replacements...... $ 440. ea.
Contact us with your Post Code for a freight Quote
PONTIAC. 400 Used Cylinder Heads
Used Condition Suit Rebuilding not
long off a Motor... $ 295.. Pr. + Freight.
CHEV.. Small Block ..350.. 4 / Bolt Main Bare Used BLOCKS
Going Cheap !!!  These are Good  Used 4/bolt  Blocks THAT are
Already  Plus . 060 .Oversize Now. You will need to Bore
them to Plus ..  .080 to Use. A Full set of American made + 080
NEW Cast Pistons Included with each Block. We have rebored
many of these Chev. Blocks over the years with no Problems.
+ 080 Pistons are listed in all the Major Piston Manufacturers
Catalogs. If they make them then you can be sure most will
Rebore to a Finished  080 over size.  ( + .080 Avail for 308 also )

New + .080 Piston set  $ 299. Add Cost of 4/Bolt Block $ 100..
Total Price of Block Plus and  8  New Piston Set.. is. $ 399. + Frt
BIG BLOCK CHEV...  396. ci.  Bare Used Std. Blocks

All Need a rebore.. These blocks are getting hard to Find
these days even in the USA. So if you have a Car with
a 396 Motor you may want to think about buying a Spare
Block in case you Destroy your old One or hang a rod out.

Buy Now before its too Late ! Once Gone NO More. $ 400. ea.
CHRYSLER  440  Ci. Long  Motor Suitable
to Rebuild.. if you have a 383 or a 400 C.I.
Chrysler Motor , Why not Upgrade to a 440
Motor ? Here is all you need in the Photo,
All your External Parts will Fit after you
Rebuild it.. Good Rebuilder.. Only. $ 880.
Another on its way for $ 1,000.  + Freight.
BRAND NEW - CHEV - GM Balanced Flywheel and
Pressure Plate assembly off  1993 - 1996 Chev. SFI
Injected 5.7 LT1. Motor No Clutch Disc , never used.
If you own a Camaro or firebird in these Year models
You may want to buy a Very Cheap Spare. GM New
Price is around $ 1,500.. this one is only $ 550 + Frt.
EARLY ..Pre Polution .. 253 - 308 Holden  V 8. Used Heads.
Are you Racing a early Holden V8 & Looking for some early
Heads to Qualify ?  or need some to Restore a Project Car ?
Here is a deal to good to miss. 33 Heads in total for $ 330 + Frt
Or Come & Pick them up yourself.
FORD  429 Used Cylinder Heads..all 1969-71
Small Chamber,   Screw in Rocker Studs.
5 Heads Only avail all same Chamber Shape
Also have Sets of Used Rocker Arms if you
want to fit these onto a  460 motor to Increase
      Compression to something Decent.

5 Used Head Cores for ..$ 550 for the Lot + Frt.

429 Rocker arm sets to Suit. . $ 55 Set of 16.
CHEV V8 .. "4L 60 E" Electronic Overdrive 4 / speed auto
Transmissions Used with Converter Suit Rebuild. these
supersede the popular 700 R4 Auto Trans. Cheap @ $399.ea.