STARTER.. Gear Reduction ( Tilton Race Style Starters ) Suit all Small Block & Big Block Chev. V8 Motors. Fits Both 153 & 168 Tooth Flywheels. Bolts Included.. $ 210 ea
STARTERS. Genuine Chev V8 Factory Rebuilt  HI-TORQUE Starter Motors, with Solenoids..avail for 153 tooth flywheel or 168 tooth flywheels. rebuilt in the USA,,, $ 115 ea + post.
FORD. V8.. Rebuilt " Clacker " Type Starter Motors used with inner fender mounted Solonoids, most early Fords use these, Incl. Mustangs. Check your old one.. $ 110 ea.
FORD..Mini..  Hi - Torque Starters, suit Cleveland V8 with Solinoid. small Compact Size.. $ 200. ea. + post
CHEV. V 8 New Starter End Housings for Hi-torque and low-Torque Orig. Starters these fit the Large  168 tooth  Flywheels  Starter w/staggered Bolt Housing. $ 25. ea.
CHEV. / GM.  Starter  Solinoids...  $ 35. ea.  Bendix Drives... $ 30. ea. Starter End Housing Bush. $ 3. ea
Starter Motors
Pontiac rebuilt V8 Hi-Torque stater motors with solonoids 120ea + post